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Identity Theft series imageWho am I? This question and the way we answer is central to our existence in the world. We get our sense of self, worth, and purpose from our sense of identity. Our modern culture proposes that our identity is self defined and discovered as a person looks within to find their core sense of the self. "You be you" is declared as the pathway to finding significance and worth. For our culture, the only real sin is the failure to be true to yourself or to be unaccepting of another person's declared identity. On the other hand, the Gospel pushes us to find our identity in a place and person outside of the self. Our identity is not self-defined and discovered, it is given by our Creator and who we are is first and foremost defined by Him. This series will look at how the Bible defines our identity as humans, and also reveal that the the goal of the Gospel is to give us a new identity in Christ. It is this identity that gives the true meaning and significance which we so deeply long. Yet, we must beware because there are always hackers seeking to steal this identity and replace it with a cheap alternative.

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