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Bah Humbug! series imageBah Humbug! A phrase heard often during the Christmas season from the lips of curmudgeonly skeptics who dislike the whole Christmas season. The phrase means that a person or thing has behaved in a dishonest or deceptive way, and therefore this declaration is that the images of joy during the Christmas season are a hoax or a jinx. For many, bah humbug is more than a statement about Christmas. Deconversion stories show up in social medial regularly, while more and more people are no longer identifying themselves with the faith in Jesus, looking elsewhere for answers to life's most significant questions. During Advent season this year we are going to wade into the big philosophical questions of life and seek to show from the opening verses in the Gospel of John how the birth of Jesus is not only true, but the only genuine way to answer these questions in a satisfying way. So whether you are a life-long Christmas fan, or a bah humbug skeptic, we hope this series will give deep reasons to believe.

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