Ministry Teams

Our ministry teams are groups of people responsible for making sure an area of ministry is planned and run with excellence. Teams spend little time meeting and most of their time doing, and have various jobs and levels of ministry.

Genesis Kids

The Children's Ministry Team is responsible for our ministry with kids from birth to fifth grade. They oversee the kids program for Sunday morning and plan periodic children's events. For Sunday morning, those serving will be included in one of six teaching groups, meaning that a team will serve once every six weeks. We need as many as possible to serve on this team, including our college students and youth. Along with lesson material, the team will be responsible for the break down of the Children's area each week. Those serving on this team need to have a willingness to be involved with kids. Due to safety reasons, those serving on this team on a regular basis will need to be screened and complete training in accordance with our policies.

Community Connections

One of our passions as a church is to get our people involved in the life of Eureka and the community around it. This team will think creatively about ways we can accomplish this desire, and will oversee these plans. The team will need to oversee the administration of such events, make sure the connection events are publicized in our church and in the community, if needed, and be the lead participants at these events. This team will do much of its work away from our Sunday meetings, although, they can schedule their planning times on Sunday mornings before or after our services.

First Impressions

This team is responsible for making sure people showing up to Genesis feel welcome, and get to the right place easily. Their responsibilities include setting up our welcome areas, making coffee, greeting people, and directing traffic. Those serving on this team also form a large part of our efforts to set up and break down on Sunday mornings. Those serving on this team need to be outgoing and willing to engage people they have not met in conversation.


Prayer is a key foundation for all we do, and we have a team dedicated to prayer. This team gathers for prayer themselves, and then has a representative join each team on Sunday mornings to lead them in a time of prayer before the service. As this team grows, they will also spend time praying for everyone coming to Genesis, and for those who will be leading in some aspect of the service. Those serving on this team need to have a passion for prayer, and a willingness to lead others in times of prayer.

Setup & Breakdown

Since Genesis Church does not meet in it's own building, every Sunday requires some work to get setup. We have a trailer full of everything we need, but someone had to unload and reload each Sunday. This is a good ministry team for people who enjoy a little hard work, heavy lifting, and working with hands. You will need to show up at Genesis at 8am so that all of the equipment for our worship is unloaded and set up in the theater and Genesis Kids areas. However, the goal of this team is to have enough people, so that the group will work on a rotation basis, meaning members of the team will only have to come early once or twice a month.

Stage Design

A key part of our worship experience is the "feel" of the theater each week. The use of candles, visuals, video, and other sense oriented decorations can add to the experience and connect people to God. This team will develop ways to decorate the theater and other parts of the school to enhance worship, and will be responsible for setting up and breaking down decorations before and after services. Those serving on this team need to be good with hands, visual, or artistic skills.


This team leads our church in worship each week. For the most part, this means the band, although there are other ways to serve on this team. In the future, we will be looking to expand this team to include some dramatic and video teams. This is the only team that requires an audition before serving. Members serving on the worship team will be required to attend rehearsals and help with set up and break down of sound equipment, especially on the stage each week. Those serving on this team need to have a musical talent, and a passion for worship.

Worship Technology

To make our service a reality, Genesis has a team of people who prepare and run all of the audio, visual, and technical equipment. Each week presentations are prepared, videos are downloaded, and other computer programs are set up and run. This team has members that run the computer presentations, the sound system, and videotape the service. This team is also responsible for the set up and break down of these systems before and after the service. Those serving on this team need to have some expertise with these technologies and a willingness to serve behind the scenes.

Service Times

Sundays @ 10:00am

Pacific Intermediate gymnasium
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or join us via YouTube Live Stream

Genesis Kids provides programming for children from birth through fifth grade. Casual dress is the norm.


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