A Different Purpose

Oct 6, 2013 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Radiate

What is your purpose in life? Think about it. You are taking up space and sucking up air on this planet. Is there a reason for your existence? In our culture people live for all kinds of things, pursuing all sorts of purposes. Some live for comfort, pursuing a life of luxury and pleasure. Others pursue power, seeking to gain control over their circumstances and others around them. While others are pursuing approval, the applause and honor of people. Followers of Jesus who have been changed by the Gospel will discover that they live with a totally different purpose, a driving sense of meaning wrapped up in the Gospel and the hope that it provides. This purpose will make us peculiar to the world around, but it will also propel us into that world with the amazing message of Jesus.

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Blevins Elementary gymnasium (map) or join us via YouTube Live Stream

Genesis Kids provides programming for children from birth through fifth grade. Casual dress is the norm.


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