Aren’t We Better Off Without Religion?

Jun 11, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Confronting Christianity

In a recent opinion article in our local newspaper, the writer shared from her experience reasons for leaving the church and pursuing a different path for feeling close to God or the universe. She is not alone in her sentiments, as millions of people are leaving Christianity, deconstructing their faith, and abandoning religion. A common thread in many of these stories are experiences of church hurt and interactions with hateful religious people. In reality, aren't we better off without religion? Wouldn't the world be a better place if people rejected any true beliefs and learned to get along? The truth is that worldview matters, and ultimately the trajectory of our lives follows the object of our worship. In today's sermon we will look at a few core ideas that will help us hold on to the Gospel and the Biblical worldview. First, the Gospel gives us the best framework to see the world as it really exists, explaining our existence, our pain and struggle, and our longings. Second, only the Gospel provides any true hope of something better. And third, the reality is that our Christian worldview actually does provide incredible benefits to us individually and for the human flourishing for our culture.

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