Mar 19, 2017 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Believe

This is some encounter. Jesus is going about His way, but is confronted by the religious crowd dragging a woman who was "caught in the act." More than like- ly she was a woman with a reputation, known for her sexual activity. At first, the religious folk saw this as a way to get rid of an undesirable, but then, in their eyes, a greater opportunity was at hand. What a great chance to ruin Jesus’ min- istry! So they threw her at the feet of Christ. The Old Testament Law called for the execution of someone in this type of immorality. That response seems a bit cruel for someone who came with the message of love and grace. If Jesus excused her behavior, well, that would prove He couldn’t possibly be the Messiah. But Jesus’ response is amazing, and shows us what every one of us needs.

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