Mar 18, 2012 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Becoming Who You Are

As humans, we find just about any reason to divide. When a person has a different skin color, comes from a different culture, has different values and priorities, has a different religious background, or is from a different socioeconomic background, we often find it difficult to connect and build relationships with these people. We like people who are just like ourselves, and even make efforts to gather those people around us. What we need to realize is that when the Gospel is applied to our lives by the grace of God, He did so much more than save us as individuals. God has also placed us in a deep community if faith that is made up of diverse people. But, because of grace, those people live in deep relationship with one another and love each other. The walls of division are demolished, and people who are religious or irreligious, Jew and Gentile, rich and poor are made one people. As the live in this deep community, the outcome is that they reflect the Glory of God and demonstrate the character of God to the world. Sadly, the American church living in freedom has greatly missed this vital aspect of the Gospel, the promise is that the very presence of God will dwell in us, and this is what we need most.

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