May 22, 2011 • Mike Hubbard • Series: iPray

It happened so fast. A moment of indiscretion while looking at a beautiful woman, a quick exercise of his power, a few minutes of pleasure. It seemed so easy, nobody would know. Except she got pregnant, and David decided it was better to cover his sin rather than come clean. By the end of the story, the great king of Israel was not only an adulterer, he had also murdered Bathsheba’s husband in an attempt to keep the situation secret. This entire story in the Bible, but from this story David has the incredible opportunity to teach us what prayer should look like in these times. Our iPray series takes us to the App of confession and repentance this morning, and we will learn from this tragic story exactly how we should respond in our prayers at any time we allow the pollution of sin to filter in to our story.

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