Courageous Conviction, Part 5 - Relating to Leaders and Authorities

Feb 12, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: To Be Continued…

There's a new sheriff in town ... or well, at least a new Roman Governor. As Festus begins his rule on behalf of Rome, he has a problem that was left to him---Paul's imprisonment. The Jews want his first act to be handing Paul over to them so they can deal with him as they want. This will gain goodwill for Festus, but previous trials and his own tribunal prove that Paul is not guilty of anything deserving a trial, much less a death sentence. Yet, politics put Felix in a position where he could gain favor over those he is supposed to govern by giving in to their demands. So, Paul drops his trump card---as a Roman citizen he can appeal to Rome, meaning any trial that could result in his death had to be heard in Caesar's court in the capital city. At this point the Roman government is generally sympathetic to Paul's arguments and faith and Paul responds with respect, submission, and gentleness. Generally, this should be the posture believers have toward authority. Yet, there are times when the hostility starts with authorities and the government, and believers' responses might look different. Today we will look at our responsibilities and attitudes as they relate to those who govern and have authority over us.

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