Created for God’s Pleasure - The Purpose of Worship

Apr 22, 2012 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Welcome to the Planet

You were planned for God’s pleasure. God literally created you for his joy, and if you are a follower of Jesus He loves and approves of you. Our response to the beauty of Jesus is worship, to give our attention, affections, affirmation, and actions to God because He is beautiful and supreme in life. As God's creation, one of our core purposes is to live in worship to God. We are created to worship as worshipers, and everybody worships something. We worship whatever we value most, love the deepest, and give ourselves to the greatest. As followers of Jesus, we gather on Sunday for a worship service, but worship is so much more than singing songs, and passively sitting through a sermon. This is an act of worship, but there is so much more. Worship happens when I sacrificially give all of me to all of God. And you were created for this!

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Genesis Kids provides programming for children from birth through fifth grade. Casual dress is the norm.


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