Creation vs. Evolution

Jun 10, 2018 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Top Ten 2018

A trip to the Zoo is all it takes for you and your kids to hear the message of evolution. The message is that evolution and the big bang theory can give a scientific explanation for everything. But, then we come to church and read Genesis 1, and there seems to be a problem between science and religion. This is the first week in our Top Ten Series, and today we will be answering the question: "How does the Creation story from Genesis 1 address scientific ideas like evolution and the big bang theory?" What we will learn is that the issue is not really with science and religion; rather, that there are two competing world views which both examine evidence presented by science. And, that scientists often come up with differing views. Furthermore, those presenting the evolutionary understanding of human origins actually have more holes in their view than they are willing to let on. So, we do not have to check our reason at the door when we open our Bibles.

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