Deep Water - Noah

Feb 17, 2013 • Mike Hubbard • Series: One Story. One Hero. One Mission.

Noah's Ark. What a story. Everybody loves the idea of a big boat that becomes a floating zoo. A lot of us have Noah's Ark kids toys, or have decorated the baby room with animals from the ark. Some of us remember the Bill Cosby routine, and not too long ago we got a movie seeking to retell the story with Morgan Freeman as God and Steve Carrell as a modern day Noah. Yet, if we get fixated on Noah's building quest, and on the animals in the ark we may miss the bigger point of the story. This story is not about animals, or a about a faithful man. It is about God, and is the beginning of the Bible's explanation of how a perfect God will deal with human rebellion. When we figure this out, maybe the story is not as cute as we have made it out to be.

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