Jul 15, 2018 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Top Ten 2018

Believe in Jesus and it will be daisies and gumballs all the time. A common misconception about being a follower of Jesus is that when a person believes, they will be happy all the time and life will go so much better. So often in pop-Christian culture we are told that if we have hardship and darkness in life, it is a sign that we are not trusting God and walking closely with Him. For those who struggle with depression and anxiety, this message only compounds what is a deep and difficult issue. Our Top 10 Question this week asks, "Can/Why do Christians suffer with depression and anxiety?" We all deal with dark and difficult places that involve grief, suffering, and despair. But, for about 15% of people, this question will be deep and personal, as the struggle is real. The beauty of the Gospel story is that we see many people in the Bible and throughout church history that have shared this struggle. We will meet one of those today, and hopefully glean hope from his dark place.

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