Doesn’t Christianity Crush Diversity?

Jun 18, 2023 • Scott Holdegraver • Series: Confronting Christianity

Take a look around at the folks attending this morning. Notice anything unusual? Probably not. The vast majority of us are Caucasian. Most of the churches in Eureka and the surrounding area are majority Caucasian. Does that indicate that Christianity is primarily a "white man's" religion? Or, instead, maybe that indicates that we're not seeing the bigger picture. Today we're going to look back at the birth of Christianity and also look forward to the culmination of the Church and see how that compares to the argument that Christianity is a "white man's" religion. We'll dig into why there are valid reasons to ask our question this morning. We'll also see how the Gospel not only answers the question but also directs and drives us towards a different and glorious outcome.

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