False Teachers - Liberal Theology

Mar 16, 2014 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Toxic

God has called the church to take the Gospel to the culture, to share Jesus with the world around us. This includes the effort to share the eternal truths of the Gospel in a way that will make it understandable to the culture. On the other hand, we must also remember that the message of the Gospel will confront the culture and call people to repentance. Contextualizing the Gospel for the culture is an amazing thing. Catering the Gospel so that it won't offend the culture is a very dangerous thing. But, this is the very path an entire section of Christianity has taken, as they have abandoned many of the core truths in Scripture in an effort to make it more acceptable to our age. Today we will look at the false teaching of Liberal Theology and be reminded that we must stay anchored to the Bible at all times.

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