Nov 3, 2019 • Mike Hubbard • Series: DysFunctional Grace

It can seem foolish to believe the Gospel and the truths found in Scripture. Our world does not lack pundits who will ridicule believers as simpleminded bigots who, well, are just plain stupid. Sources range from the philosophers of our age, college campuses, and scientists, but also include celebrities and others in pop culture. But, this is not new; Corinth was full of people who were considered the wise, the scribe, the debater of their age. In fact, there was a place in town designed for those people to proclaim their ideas and to ridicule the newfound faith of the Corinthian believers. So we have to decide: Is the foolishness of God wiser than the wisdom of people? And, is the foolishness of the Gospel actually the power of God to save?

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