From Murderer to Missionary

Jun 26, 2022 • Mike Hubbard • Series: To Be Continued…

Is the Gospel we preach able to save a murderer? The story of Saul, AKA Paul, shows us that nobody is outside of the reach and usefulness of Jesus. We first met this man standing over the martyred body of Stephen, and subsequently leading the persecution of the church in Jerusalem. He then goes on to be the muscle for the Jewish leaders, seeking to stamp out the growth of the church. Saul was at the forefront of persecuting, arresting, and even killing Christ followers. In Acts 9, he is on the way to the city of Damascus to hunt down believers who have fled there, but on the way Jesus appears to him miraculously and gloriously saves this Pharisee. He is loved and baptized by a brave believer named Ananias, and his life is gloriously changed. Paul immediately joins the mission of Jesus along with the other faithful witnesses. As a result, he becomes #1 on Jerusalem's Most Wanted. His story is living proof that nobody is beyond the scope and possibility of God's glorious salvation made possible in Christ.

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