God Is A Baby

Dec 22, 2013 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Dwell

The great superhero debate, who is better, Batman or Superman? Batman fans will cite the fact that he is really Bruce Wayne, a real person in a great suit. Superman fans love the guy from outerspace who is really Superman but sometimes appears as Clark Kent. Believe it or not, the same discussion can spill into our theology and understanding of Jesus. Some will look at Jesus and see God who takes on the appearance of a man, sort of like Clark Kent. Others see Jesus as merely a man with some really cook God-like powers, sort of like Bruce Wayne. The Gospel of John though, reminds us that Jesus is in a category all by himself, fully God, and also fully human. He is one man with two natures, and that is a mystery, but this fact also makes our salvation a possibility.

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