Godly Wife and Mother

Jul 8, 2018 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Top Ten 2018

Gonna be honest, I'm a little frightened to preach this morning. Our question this morning is about womanhood; specifically, "What is my role as a godly wife and mother?" Feels a bit bizarre as a guy, to try to give the answer to our women. Yet, the Scriptures do speak to this, and give principles that are helpful in defining femininity. There is a lot of discussion about the nature of womanhood, and the importance of women in both the culture and the church. At Genesis, we hold a position called "Complementarianism", the view that women are absolutely equal as image bearers of God in dignity and worth to men, but that differences between them are also given by God as an expression of His glory and beauty. As part of our service today we are going to have a panel with some of our women who will speak practical ideas into the life of our church.

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