God’s Story - Leviticus? I am Supposed to Read Leviticus?

Apr 21, 2013 • Mike Hubbard • Series: One Story. One Hero. One Mission.

If you have ever tried to read the Bible straight through, from cover to cover, it has happened to you. You begin in Genesis, and there are some amazing and even bizarre stories. Then you jump into Exodus, the second book of the Bible. It starts with this amazing story of how God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt. Plagues, the parting of the sea, God appears on a mountain, so far so good. Then you hit the second half of Exodus, and it slows down a little, but you make it through. And, then comes Leviticus. Leviticus! For many, this has been the death blow to the reading plan. It is weird, hard to understand, and filled with crazy rituals and laws. Believe it or not, Leviticus is one of the most important books in the Bible, as God's character is revealed. Today we will hear that God is holy, and try to figure out what that means.

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