Good Soil

Oct 17, 2010 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Dirt

Fall is the time for harvest! Orchards are full of apple trees waiting to have their fruit plucked. Corn fields are brown and just waiting for a combine to roll through to pull the grain. Pumpkin patches are visited by all sorts of people ready to pluck a big orange ball for their front porch and their pies. When a plant is put in good soil and it grows, it produces the fruit it was designed to produce. Simple concept, the root of a plant will determine the fruit. Fruit is a by-product of the nature and health of a plant. Orange trees won't produce apples, but neither will an apple tree that is not healthy. In Jesus' parable of the soils, the good dirt produces a healthy plant that grows fruit. This morning we will find out that the fruit of the Christ-life is a by-product as well.

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