Holy Spirit

Dec 3, 2017 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Believe

The Holy Spirit is one of those subjects that can make us feel a bit uneasy. When people start talking about the Holy Spirit, weird things can happen, so it is probably better to avoid a whole lot of talk about the Holy Spirit. The outcome is that the Holy Spirit can be the forgotten member of the Trinity--we know He is there but are not really sure what that means or what to do about it. Jesus makes a statement that appears crazy: His departure from the earth is for the disciples' good because the Holy Spirit will be sent to them; God's glorious presence ever with them. It is the Spirit of God that makes the presence of God come alive to us. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to fill us, empower us, equip us, and send us. As Jesus continues to teach His disciples about the nature of discipleship, He again reminds them of the importance of the Holy Spirit, and reminds them that without His work in them, none of this is possible. Today we will talk about the work of the Holy Spirit and why we need to be filled with the Spirit.

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