How Can A Loving God Send People to Hell?

Aug 20, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Confronting Christianity

We close our Confronting Christianity series with a doozy. How could a loving God send people to hell? Philosopher and Theologian Peter Kreft has said, "Of all the doctrines of Christianity, hell is the most difficult to defend, the most burdensome to bear, and the first to be abandoned." Hell has to be an outdated idea flowing from religious zealots seeking to control the lives of people, right? The truth is that no single person said more about the existence and nature of hell than Jesus Himself. If we look at Jesus' words closely, we will find that hell is actually an extension of God's character and expression of His righteousness, justice, and yes, even His love. But most important, Christ Himself took on the full weight of hell for us on the cross so that we, as sinful people deserving justice, do not have to end there.

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