Mar 26, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Jesus Is

It boggles the mind! The infinite Creator and Ruler of the universe cried as a baby, went through adolescence, and grew in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. Omnipresence grew in size. Omniscience developed in wisdom. Omnipotence got stronger so He could work in His dad's carpenter shop. Jesus did not just appear to be human, He was truly man, fully human---just like you and me. The humanity of Jesus was absolutely necessary as the means for our salvation, as Jesus came to be the second Adam. In His humanity, Jesus lived the perfect life and, therefore, became the human covenant keeper, fulfilling the Law for us. And in His humanity, Jesus died our death in our place. Fully God, fully man. Theologians call this the hypostatic union: the merging of two natures in one human being. This morning we will take a look at this beautiful truth, finding that we must believe it to be saved; yet, also finding that our God has come near and is approachable for each of us.

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