I Am Adopted

May 23, 2021 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Identity Theft

No matter how hard we try, so much of our human identity is shaped by our family. So much of who we are was defined by the personalities, love, and presence (or lack of) of our parents. God's design was for the family to be a place where love would shape us, but often our experience is different. So we shape our identity in the search for love and acceptance. What if we knew that God had chosen us to be His children, to be adopted into His family. What if we understood that He did this so that He could set His affection on us. And what if we really realized that Jesus is our older brother who acted to bring us to God's family. Maybe we could find our true identity in this family and discover the love we need.

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Genesis Kids provides programming for children from birth through fifth grade. Casual dress is the norm.


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