Introduction to Ephesians

Feb 5, 2012 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Becoming Who You Are

Who are you? Think about it. If someone asks you this question how do you answer? Do you tell them about your job? Your family and kids? What is your first answer to this question? More than likely, your answer to that question will reveal your sense of identity and worth. When you become a follower of Jesus, an amazing thing takes place in the core of our being. God gives us a new identity as we become a new person. We will begin a new on the New Testament book of Ephesians this morning. Ephesians was written by Paul to a first century church in the ancient city of Ephesus, but the message is so applicable to our lives today! The theme of the book, and the title for the series is Becoming Who You Are. In this amazing letter Paul will help each of us understand the identity we have because of Jesus, helping us find the source of our worth and hope. He will then challenge us to live as transformed people in the culture, in our families, in our jobs, and in the church. It will be an amazing journey that will teach, inspire, and challenge!

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