Isn’t Christianity Homophobic?

Jul 30, 2023 • Darin Slater • Series: Confronting Christianity

Christians are painted many ways in our culture, as we've learned over the course of this sermon series, and one of the loudest accusations is that "Christianity is Homophobic." Certainly, mass attention goes toward the loudest of groups such as Westboro Baptist Church, a cult who yells obscene and sinful things at people who identify as LGBT, but the question is, do they represent the ideas of the majority of Christians? In this sermon, we will learn what God's Word says about sexuality, God's design in relationships, and how Jesus emphasizes the beauty of marriage between man and woman. By doing this, Jesus excludes homosexuality as holy and good for His people. In the end, we must conclude that we as Christians are to love those who struggle with the sin and temptation of homosexuality and that Christ calls us all to something greater: Glorifying and loving God in self-sacrifice and self-control for building of His kingdom.

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