It’s Time

Aug 13, 2017 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Believe

What a moment! Everyone had been waiting for the day when Jesus would declare his candidacy, to announce that He was the True King to be followed. With the Passover close at hand, it was the perfect moment. Jesus comes riding into town on a young donkey. Well, maybe it is not the noble steed they had anticipated, but it was enough for the crowd to start shouting, "Lord, save us" (this is the meaning of Hosanna) and declaring that Jesus was the King who was sent by God. His disciples even got pulled in, thinking this was their big moment. And, to be honest, they were all right. The Great and True King of the Kingdom of God was riding into Jerusalem. But the type of Kingdom He brought was not what they were expecting, nor what they really wanted. But it is what we all need.

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