Jesus Is Exclusive/How can you Say there is One True Faith?

Jun 4, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Confronting Christianity

We live in a pluralistic society, where people believe that the greatest doctrine is that there is no real truth or no exclusive path to God. People are fine with the idea of Jesus, but when Christians make the claim that Jesus is the only way, the culture says Christians are intolerant. Should we back off of the exclusivity claims of Christ? Well, if what we are saying is that Christianity is the best possible religion, then yes, we need to be careful. But Gospel Christianity is not a system of belief and activity that will get us to God. Rather, the center of our faith is a person who came in history and accomplished something that no other religion offers. So, we must believe that Jesus is the only way, only truth, only life. Yet, in other ways Gospel Christianity is the most inclusive worldview in the world, declaring clearly that God loves the world and that all are welcome in Christ's Kingdom---no matter their background, failures, or culture. Therefore, the inclusivity and exclusivity of Jesus is a belief that should lead those who follow Jesus to humbly share this message with the whole world.

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