Jun 29, 2014 • Weston Ely • Series: Proverbs

The word "justice" often makes us think of a courtroom, international affairs, or comic books (yes, I promise there is a connection). Many of us think of a specific court case that caught the nations interest. Moments like these create water cooler legal experts where everyone has an opinion on what sentencing would be just or unjust. Sometimes the news will be filled with ware criminals and acts of genocide from overseas. This produces in us a crying out for justice on behalf of the oppressed. Finally, the comic book genre is filled with larger than life villains, whom can only be brought to justice by the emergence of a good-natured super hero. While these examples are common arenas for justice to be displayed, they also exist outside of our personal lives. The word justice is rarely applied to the individual, but that is exactly where Proverbs is taking us today as we learn how to apply wisdom and justice in our daily lives.

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