Apr 23, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Jesus Is

The central declaration of faith among early Christians was that, "Jesus is Lord." In saying these words, followers of Jesus were being revolutionary---declaring faith in and allegiance to Jesus as the ultimate ruler and authority on earth and in their lives. Rome demanded people to see Caesar as their lord, and in response, Christians declared that Jesus alone is their Lord, their King. As we consider the person and work of Jesus, we need to examine three key offices held by Jesus Christ. This week we will consider Christ the King. The whole story of the Bible is about the existence and rule of the Kingdom of God. As the Kingdom of Israel failed, the Scriptures began the promise of and hope for the entrance of a King who would rule and usher in God's Kingdom. Russell Moore wrote, "The mission of Christ starts and ends not just in the announcement of forgiveness of sins or in the removal of condemnation---although both of those things are true and essential. The mission of Christ starts and ends with an announcement that God has made Jesus emperor of the cosmos---and he plans to bend the cosmos to fit Jesus' agenda, not the other way around." So, when Pilate asks Jesus if he is a king, he is asking a question we all must answer. And one day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Christ alone is Lord.

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