Aug 4, 2019 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Core

The church, as a priority in life, seems like the Elders are using guilt to get us to show up on Sunday. In a consumer world, church is nothing more than an event to attend if we have time. But the New Testament paints a different picture of the church---as one of the most important priorities in our lives. The church is not a place where we go, or an event we attend. Rather, the church is pictured as a family, and we each belong. God works in us and uses us as we experience the Gospel together, live in community, use our gifts in service to each other, and join a mission that is larger than ourselves. It is amazing how easy it can be for other commitments and events to displace the community of faith. The sermon today will seek to connect the importance of the church to the other priorities and rhythms of life. We will learn how desperately we need the church, but also how the church needs us.

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