Lament and Repent

Nov 19, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Due Justice

During the final years of Micah's ministry, Assyria is ripping through the northern portions of the land leaving Israel devastated and in bondage. Micah helps God's people realize that there was a connection between their sinful disobedience and the judgment of God in their lives. The consequences of their rebellion is costly, yet for those in a relationship with God, there is always an invitation to repentance which leads to restoration and forgiveness. In the first of Martin Luther's 95 Thesis that sparked the Reformation, he said that for the believer in Jesus, all of life is repentance. Repentance is one of the great gifts God has given to His people, as our humble sorrow for and turning from sin and idolatry opens the door for reconciliation and all of the blessings promised in the Scriptures. Our prayer today is that Micah's example will push us toward true repentance so that we, as God's people, can drink deeply from the well of His grace.

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