Lion Chow

Mar 31, 2019 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Exiled

Daniel is old. He has spent over 70 years in Babylon serving that king and empire. But for Daniel, his heart has not changed. His custom is to face Jerusalem (so he can pray for the city), get on his knees, pray, and give thanks three times a day. Of course, this is what gets him in trouble and thrown to the lions. We live in a world where the external pressures of the culture, the jealousy and sinfulness of people, and our own internal struggle can destroy us. Daniel's story gives us a bit of the secret to longevity in the faith, and it is found in our habits and rhythms of intimacy with God through prayer. When you have been doing this all your life and meet God in your room, not even the threat of being lion chow will knock you off your knees.

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