Made Alive in Christ

Jul 23, 2017 • Andy Hubbard • Series: The Colossal Christ

George Romero, known as the father of the zombie movie genera died last week. He is remembered for revolutionizing horror movies, and is a major part of zombie science fictions place in popular culture. There is something inherently scary about dead people waking up and walking around, led only by their hunger and desires. However, in Colossians, Paul says that we were once dead people walking. Running through life, following the hungers of this world with darkened minds and dead hearts. But, Christ defeated death in his resurrection. And, his death paid our debt and forgave our trespasses. So, in him, we are resurrected with him and made alive. With new hearts and opened eyes. And we are filled with his spirit which is the fullness of God in us, and Christ's death makes us righteous.

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