Mar 25, 2012 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Becoming Who You Are

Did you grow up reading The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew? I have always loved mystery stories, with a plot that has some kind of hidden secret that needs to be uncovered. As long as the secret is kept from the key characters, a deep problem exists. Maybe it is a murder that needs to be solved, or a rescue dependent on the information circling around the clues to the mystery. Often, in these stories the main character seems completely unable to figure out the issue, but then some information or clue shows up that is the key to understanding the entire riddle. In the same way, the story of our lives is a mystery, with clues all around us, but for deeply spiritual reasons, we are unable to figure the mystery out. But, in God’s grace, he has made the mystery of His will known to His people. And like the Hardy Boys, once we have the clues, it opens our eyes to the amazing plan God has for us.

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