New Heaven, New Earth

May 18, 2014 • Weston Ely • Series: This Day for That Day

In the beginning of the Bible, God declares all of His creation to be good and His creation, humanity, to be very good. Unfortunately, the story quickly turns as God's creation rebels against Him, and introduce sin into the world. Because of their decision, to disregard living in relationship with God, all of creation became broken and humanity's relationship with God, others and the rest of the world would now be marked by frustration. God could not stand to leave His creation in this broken state. He promised to send one who would heal their brokenness and repair their relationships. Jesus has proven himself to be this healer by rising from the dead and conquering sin. One day, Jesus will fully heal the brokenness in our lives and undo all the evil brought into the world from humanity's rebellion. But, what will that day look like? Today we will look at Revelation 21:1-22:5, and examine the picture of a world without sin, brokenness, rebellion, death, etc.

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