No Other Name

Apr 24, 2022 • Mike Hubbard • Series: To Be Continued…

After healing the man who was crippled from birth, the bold preaching of the resurrection gets Peter and John in trouble with the Jewish authorities for the first time. They are brought before the big guns and questioned. We need to remember that these are the same men who presided over the trial of Jesus and were the most well known leaders of Judaism, the religious faith of Israel. It was the perfect opportunity for Peter to cower again, but not this time. In boldness and filled with the Spirit, Peter answers their challenge with a clear and simple declaration---that there is salvation in no one but Jesus. The exclusivity of the Gospel message is a doctrine that every other worldview and religion finds offensive. How can there be only one name, only one way, only one path to salvation? The sermon today will show why we can never back away from the message that Jesus, and Jesus alone, saves.

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