Not Sure

Sep 10, 2017 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Believe

"Let not your heart be troubled." Is Jesus kidding? This world is full of trouble, our lives are messy, disasters happen, and sometimes pain seems to reign. Sometimes trouble can be all we know. So, why would Jesus say this to His disciples, especially on that night, the last night of Jesus' life? This passage is the beginning of a lengthy discourse given by Jesus to the eleven remaining disciples on what it will mean to follow Him as a disciple. At the core, there is a reminder that the mission of Jesus reaches beyond the trouble of the world, and the mission of Jesus includes preparation of a place for His people. His Father's house has lots of suites, and the mission of Christ is to prepare those rooms for us. Our lives have trouble, but knowing that the ultimate dream home awaits should give us the ability to walk into any trouble with faith in God and in Jesus that will hold us.

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