One Flesh

Jul 21, 2019 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Core

Thinking about putting our marriages in proper priority may cause a nervous tick to start. For those of us who are married, at one point we believed all our dreams would be fulfilled when we got married. But, the truth is that marriage is really two self-centered people who need the Gospel merging their lives, which makes a greater mess. There are times when marriage consumes us and other times when marriage takes a back seat to everything else, as we fluctuate from overvaluing the need for a spouse and then minimizing the value of this gift. God's design for marriage is a man and a wife becoming one flesh, which pictures something way greater than the marriage. Our problem is that we fall into one of two ditches: either we worship marriage and our spouse (or the idea of marriage and the benefits) or we neglect the second most important relationship at the expense of children, play, or work.

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