Our Eyes Look to the Lord Our God

Jun 9, 2024 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Ascend

The situation for the community of faith in Psalm 123 is difficult and bleak. They are a people scorned and oppressed. They would like their God to show up with fire from heaven and devour their enemies, but so far His vengeance hasn't happened. They need a song reminding them of God's sovereign rule from the heavens when it seems as if He is absent and uninvolved. Psalm 123 is a community lament seeking relief from the Lord. It is a cry for mercy from the God who can act and change their situation. Yet, it is also a call to faith, to lift their eyes together and see again the God who is enthroned in the heavens. He is the master, they are the servants. When they cannot see His hand at work, they know they can trust His purpose and character. The call is to keep trusting and walking in obedience, even if it doesn't make sense to those around us. Because God is faithful.

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