Paul’s Prayer - For You!

Feb 26, 2012 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Becoming Who You Are

As he was sitting at his writing desk, possibly with shackles on his feet and hands, bars on the windows, guards on either side of him, Paul began to write the letter to the Ephesians. He is a prisoner, in jail because he proclaimed the Gospel, but his concern is for the churches and Christians that have been impacted by the Gospel. As he writes, his mind is diverted. For most of us, we have a hard time praying because when we are trying to talk to God, our minds wander from prayer to the craziness of the day, or the TV show we watched last night. But, Paul's mind is diverted as he thinks about the Ephesians, all of a sudden he moves to prayer. He had been talking to God about them. But the prayer here goes beyond that. It is part of a book that was written for distribution to all churches, all Christians. So, when Paul stops to write this out, his prayer is for you, for the person sitting on either side,... for me. Paul prays some amazing things, and God will answer this prayer!

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