Preaching One Message

Nov 10, 2019 • Mike Hubbard • Series: DysFunctional Grace

It's really an odd approach, a weekly gathering that includes a guy stepping on stage and giving a long speech. The idea of preaching just seems like a bad plan. We live in a culture that rejects the idea of an authoritative voice proclaiming anything. Wouldn't we be much more successful if we toned down the preaching, maybe added a smoke machine and some lights, had more of a panel discussion approach, and then let people share their own opinions? Paul reminds us that preaching is so important in the purpose and plan of God. In fact, the foolishness of preaching is the primary means for the purpose of God. The main vehicle God uses for the advancement of His Kingdom is the steady preaching of one simple message, Jesus Christ and Him crucified. In this message, we will explain why Mike gets up and talks for so long each week. We will also be reminded why every sermon has one main point.

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