Providence in the Defeat of His Enemies

Oct 10, 2021 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Esther

Our study of the story of Esther comes to a climax, as Haman's plot is exposed when Esther informs the king of her racial and religious heritage. The king sides with Esther, and as Haman begs for his life, he just happens to trip and fall on Esther, making the king believe Haman was trying to assault the queen. Haman's demise is one of a number of stories in the Biblical narrative reminding us that the enemies of God and His people will eventually fall, and that God will vindicate His glory. Haman fears the wrath of the king, but it is the justice and judgment of God that is really on display here. Thinking about the wrath and judgment of God is not a fun subject. Yet, we will not understand God and His providence until we realize that He is not unwilling or impotent to address the evil in this world. All of this points us to the cross, where Christ bore the wrath due to us and defeated our ultimate enemies. The story also points us to the Second Coming of Jesus, where the final victory will be sure and all enemies of the Gospel will meet God's justice.

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