Providence Over Plans and Plots

Sep 12, 2021 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Esther

Today we will look at a story from the book of Esther of two back room meetings where two sets of plans were devised resulting in two murderous plots. The first, an assassination plan against the king, just happened to be overheard by Mordecai (good guy) as he went about his business at the gate. The outcome was that Ahasuerus's life is spared and the men who plotted are executed. The second, a wicked and jealous plan to exterminate the Jews, is caused by Mordecai's unwillingness to treat Haman (evil guy) as a god and leads to a sinister plan to exterminate the Jews. Evil plans have always existed and many get carried out. But in the end, no back room discussion is outside of ear shot of our God. God laughs at the planned attempts to thwart His purpose and destroy His people. Ultimately, it is only the purpose of God that will stand and not our plans. Evil may seem to reign for a moment, but God claims sovereignty over even evil and the Devil's schemes.

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