Questions You Don’t Want Answers To

Aug 28, 2011 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Follow the Leader

If you are a parent, you remember the "why" stage. You know, that period of life around the ages of two or three when kids incessantly asked the question, "Why?" Of course, the first why was never enough, no matter the answer give, it was followed by another "why", and another and another. As a parent, it was somewhat enjoyable to see kids begin to inquire and seek knowledge. But it also got annoying when the questions came not because the child really wanted to learn, but because they just wanted to antagonize and push. Having questions and doubts are a part of our spiritual journey. And we have a God who not only accepts, but encourages our questions and doubts. But our primary motivation for asking those questions has a lot to do with the answers we will receive. In Mark 12, several individuals and groups throw a barrage of questions at Jesus. Their goal, though, is not to hear Jesus answer. Rather they hope to discredit him so they can justify their own belief. Funny though, Jesus is able to answer those questions sufficiently.

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