Recast the Vision

Aug 10, 2014 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Genesis Church: The Next Generation

It is a danger for any organization when it loses its sense of mission and understanding of purpose. But, even more so when the organization is the people of God who are on the mission of God. Yet mission drift usually happens subtly as people drift toward comfort, ease, and syncretism. But, the entire reason for our existence comes from God and is for His glory. When God's people are on mission under His Kingship the blessings are beautiful. But, drift away slightly and it won't be long until God's people have lost everything that made them different, and more important have lost the power of God in their lives. Joshua's speech at the end of his life reminds the next generation that they must stay loyal to their God and faithful to His mission, or they will wake up one morning and realize they are far from Him and that He is no longer working.

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