Jul 25, 2021 • Eric Burnley • Series: Our Favorite Things

Our Favorite Things is the title of our summer series. The Elders and staff have selected a favorite passage of scripture and sermons are based on each of those passages. Today's message is from the book of Philemon chosen by Genesis Elder, Eric Burnley, who will be bringing the message today. Eric recently completed the preaching cohort class with three other Genesis Members. The book of Philemon is a personal letter written by the apostle Paul to a brother in Christ meant to speak into a situation between a master and his runaway slave. But how does Paul approach this scenario? At a broader level, how does the gospel speak into our relationships with each other? In this short book, we see God active in reconciling His people in two primary ways, and this morning we will dive into how Paul lives out the gospel by example in his attempt to aid in reconciling this broken relationship through brotherly love.

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