Dec 18, 2011 • Mike Hubbard • Series: “The” Story

The knight in shining armor, the guy on a white horse with silver bullets, the dude with a giant "S" on his shirt… Often stories we enjoy have heroes who swoop in amazingly and rescue the princess or a person in dire straits at the last possible moment. But while we watch these stories, the person we want to identify ourselves with is the hero, the rescuer. We don't want to see ourselves as the one who is trapped, hopeless, helpless, in need. Yet, this is exactly what we need. We have been trapped by an evil enemy, and we are not able to remedy our condition. We have insurmountable giants who want to defeat us and put us in slavery, or even take our lives. And there is no way out. But we have a hero, and the story in the Bible is the drama declaring that God has sent a rescuer, but not the type of rescuer we thought. This one saves us through weakness. It's a beautiful story, and one we hope every person will experience.

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