Jan 1, 2012 • Weston Ely • Series: “The” Story

"And they lived happily ever after." We like hood endings, stories where the hero sits atop the world or lovers walk toward the sunset hand in hand. But, no ending can match the final theme in the great story found in the Bible. We have learned so far, in our series on the great story, that God created all, but our rebellion led to the fall of creation leaving us in need of rescue. But, God has rescued and redeemed us through the life and death of Jesus. Then, he rose again, and that resurrection come with a promise. God will make all things right, he will restore us and remove the effects of our evil. In our final part of the series on the great story, Weston will show us an image of this restoration in an Old Testament narrative on a man named Naaman who had a health problem that could not be solved, and which left him in a place where life would be increasingly terrible. God offers healing through a prophet, but Naaman had to take a step of faith, one that seemed unreasonable. In this story, God is picturing the path to restoration and wholeness that we too need to take.

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