Scripture Alone

Oct 1, 2017 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Here I Stand

At the time of the Reformation, a primary issue for Luther and the church was that of authority. If God speaks and makes Himself known, what then is our ultimate authority? The Roman Church held the view that the Scriptures and the tradition of the church were equal in authority as containers of God's self-revelation. The church and office of the Pope not only gave the Word, but also claimed to be the sole interpreter of Scripture. Yet, Luther and the Reformers saw several issues where the clear teaching of Scripture seemed to contradict the official stance of the church. While the church claimed the Scriptures and tradition to be equal, in truth, one will eventually trump the other. The Protestant claim is that Scripture alone is the final authority and the basis of all faith and practice. Sola Scriptura is equally important today, because we also wrestle with other sources of authority claiming to be more important than the Scriptures. Whenever we drift from Sola Scriptura, we will eventually lose that which has the power to save us.

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